Borrow money for prepaid rental fees and deposits

Borrow money online at We give you the best view over cheap online loans with a low interest rent on the market. Borrow money online now and get an extra amount on your account today. each money help customers with borrowing money to be used for deposits and prepaid rent at reasonable prices from Danish banks. You will get a fast loan approval so that you will know what amounts you can borrow and at what interest rate. From there you will be able to choose the loan, amount and period that suit you when finding a new rental property.

Search and loan process
Banks today offer a variety of terms for different customers. To identify the bank that suits you and your loan requirements the best - no matter if you need the money for prepaid rent, deposits or both - it is a time consuming and complicated process to locate banks and their loans. At you therefore get the comparison between the specific loans based on your personal characteristics as age, profession etc.

It's free
When you apply via our loan comparison service you will be rated and evaluated in exactly the same way as if you have contacted the bank directly. That means that you will not get higher interest rates nor extra costs by applying or taking up a loan via our service. All our banks guarentee that the costs related to a loan via our service will be no different than if you went directly to each bank. In that way you are secured exactly the same terms, prices and customer treatment as if you went directly down into the bank, with the only difference that you via our service can apply several banks at the same time. In that way you will be able to choose between more offers, terms and interest rates.

Do you wish to apply for a loan?
If you wish to apply for a loan, don't hesitate to contact us at From there we will guide you through the process.