Velkommen til Kordegarden

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3 rooms
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Apartment, Skejbyvej, 8240 Risskov.

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The Kordegarden is located in the northern part of Aarhus approx. 5 km north of the center of Aarhus, with good bus connections and shopping opportunities. The coral garden consists of 181 tenants located in clusters of buildings around 5 torp. A "torp" is an old Nordic term for a cluster of farms. In addition, there is a communal house with laundry. The buildings are built in yellow brick and roof tiles and with white painted window sections in wood. There are parking spaces in connection with the homes. These are located so that the square rooms and the narrow streets to daily are car-free. Both children and adults can therefore safely move around in the settlement. In connection with each village there are playgrounds and living areas. All homes have easy access to the green common areas.
It is allowed to keep 1 dog of max 20 kg (with reservations) no cats.


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  • Rent paid in advance: 18,590
  • Deposit: 27,885
  • Payment on account: Contact owner
  • Vacant: 1. September 2019
  • Placed: 16. June 2019
  • Pets allowed
  • Case number: 1519029
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