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1 vær. ungdomsbolig i Aabenraa

2,950 DKK
1 rooms

No English text was provided by the landlord, but we have made this automated translation for you:

Apartment, Præsteskoven, 6200 Aabenraa, floor: vær. 103.

Lovely well-located youth home close to woods and nature and yet walking and cycling distance from everything in Aabenraa right from div. youth courses across the shops to cafes and discos.

Heating: district heating from Aabenraa District Heating
Antenna: SE - fiber network, the basic package of the rent of DKK 99, - and the rest therefor is paid to SE directly
Pets: 1 cat allowed
Garage: no
Green areas: less green area in the settlement - good opportunities for hiking and other things in the woods
School: Lots of educational opportunities in the city, mostly in walking / cycling distance
Public transport: City buses in the immediate vicinity
Leisure: All of Aabenraa's leisure activities are within walking / cycling distance
Common house: no
External celebration:
Shopping: supermarkets within walking distance
Call or write to our rental to rent or occupy the apartment, which is rented on the first come first served basis. There is no membership fee or anything else to pay for this opportunity.

Note that pictures are from the department and not necessarily from the current apartment.

When can you search for our youth housing:

You can search our youth homes, if you are

Young under education:

You can prove that you must either start - or have an education that is approved to receive SU, or you must start - or have a vocational education. Documentation for this may be required by the housing company for both occupation and during the period.

Or you are

Young with special needs.

Legislation does not explicitly state what special needs are, but examples may be that you have been rejected in an education and waiting to be able to apply again, for example, by collecting points to be able to enter the next round.

It may also be that you have reached the point of your life that you have to move away from home without being fully aware of what you want to go on in your life, educationally, etc.

If you are in doubt about your options, you are always welcome to contact our rental.

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Energy declaration:

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  • Rent paid in advance: 0
  • Deposit: 8,715
  • Payment on account: 495
  • Vacant: Immediately
  • Placed: 8. January 2019
  • Pets allowed
  • Case number: 1496605
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