• Rent: Max. 6,400 p. m.
  • Location: Frederiksberg and more
Rules of exchanging homes:
  • You must be living in a rental home
  • You must be living in your home for a longer period of time.
  • You can exchange, regardless of who owns the home
  • You are only allowed to trade with other tenants [/ul]


3 room exchange property on 79 m2

5,960 DKK
Exchange property
3 rooms
Contact owner
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Exchange property, Dalstrøget, 2870 Dyssegård.

Rooms: 3
Area m2: 79
Rent. 5,960 kr.

Zip code: 2870
City: Dyssegård

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  • Rent paid in advance: Contact owner
  • Deposit: Contact owner
  • Payment on account: Contact owner
  • Vacant: Immediately
  • Placed: 14. June 2019
  • Pets not allowed
  • Case number: 1477329
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