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No English text was provided by the landlord, but we have made this automated translation for you:

Apartment, Amager Strandvej, 2300 København S, floor: 7. tv. The apartment is located in a newer and lovely building, overlooking the wonderful Amager Beach, which offers a beautiful beach and beautiful beaches.
The apartment is a 2-room with a good floor plan, which allows to stay a 3 bedroom. The apartment offers: Entrance room with outerwear and shoes, kitchen family room with good closet space, in continuation with the kitchen the living room is located at one end of the apartment. From the kitchen the living room has access to the beautiful balcony. In addition, the apartment offers a large bathroom, with washing machine and tumble dryer. As well as a good room. In addition, there is a useful storage room in the apartment, which provides good storage facilities.

From the apartment there are walking distance to shopping, metro, fitness and several dining options.

Furthermore, there is a large communal rooftop terrace.

The rental period is unlimited. The lease can not be terminated during the first 12 months, after which there are 3 months terminations. Please note that pets are not allowed.

The apartment is ready for takeover d. 1 / 3-2018.
Note pictures are taken from a similar occasion.

If you want to read the description in its original language that is also possible. Read original description.
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