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No English text was provided by the landlord, but we have made this automated translation for you:

House, Sankt Vincents Vej, 6510 Gram. The department consists of a total of 9 buildings, located centrally in Gram. Boligforeningen has a common house located on Højmarken, which is possible to rent for private parties or other events. The properties at Sct. Vincentsvej consists of a total of 6 terraced houses. The properties have a good central location in Gram. Each property has its own garden and terrace. The properties lie with Gram Boligforening's elderly homes on Torvegade, which together surround a cozy green common area. The properties at Sct. Vincentsvej can be rented by all. Location Gram is located approx. 22 km from Ribe. In Gram there is a school, leisure facilities, public transport and shopping opportunities. Gram Culture House is centrally located in the city. There are sports facilities, bowling alleys and an outdoor swimming pool. There are good opportunities for walks - among other things down to Gram Slot, the beautiful castle park and Gram å. residents There is a mixed housing composition in the department. There is a good neighborhood. Maintenance The building's property manager maintains the green areas and takes care of minor repairs in the homes. There is also an inspector attached to the ongoing maintenance of the building. Resident Democracy A board has been elected for the building. At the annual meeting of all the residents' residents, residents decide all matters about the operation and rent of the department, etc.

If you want to read the description in its original language that is also possible. Read original description.
This property is part of a general housing association, therefore the danish rules for such applies.
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