Stor delelejlighed - perfekt til studerende

10,500 DKK
Under 12 months
4 rooms
Contact owner
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No English text was provided by the landlord, but we have made this automated translation for you:

Apartment, Buddinge Hovedgade, 2860 Søborg, floor: 2. tv.

Perfect for students or couples with children. Large good apartment with 4 rooms, including a walk-through room. Open kitchen room. Can be shared by 3 people. Bathroom with separate shower and washer and dryer.

The apartment appears beautiful and functional. However, a major refurbishment of the building's climate screen and stairwell is planned.

The lease will be limited to one year.

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  • Rent paid in advance: Contact owner
  • Deposit: 31,500
  • Payment on account: 2,000
  • Vacant: Immediately
  • Placed: 3. June 2019
  • Contact landlord
  • Case number: 1335631
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