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9,100 DKK
Odense SØ
5 rooms
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No English text was provided by the landlord, but we have made this automated translation for you:

Apartment, Løvefoden, 5220 Odense SØ.

Konglyset, Kongepennen, Løvefoden and Løvemunden are located in Fraugde. Fraugde is located in the southeastern part of Odense with 1,801 inhabitants.
The city belongs to Odense Municipality. Fraugde offers shopping facilities for the necessary things in Dagligbrug. If you want to shop in, Bilka and Rosengård center is close by. In Fraugde there are also kindergarten, school-based leisure, youth club, sports hall and school.
Each residence has its own garden with tiled terrace and utility room.
The area is 9 km from Odense center and has a good bike path.
Terraced houses are situated in a lovely closed area of ​​green areas and fields. With their good decor and their location, the properties are very suitable for the small family or the older couple who appreciate a clean and easy garden and a good local environment.
There are also good transport links, as it is close to the E 20, Ring 2 motorway and motorway to Svendborg. From Fraugde there are bus and bus links to Odense.
A super nice building, located in a quiet and peaceful setting. Appealed to families with children or the space-intensive tenant. The area includes closed golf course, roundabout and other facilities.
Energy-rich B.

The lease is located in Kongelyset, Kongepennen, Løvefoden and Løvefoden in Fraugde. The 82 houses are listed as twin houses.
This 5 bedroom rental is furnished with an entrance from which there is access to bathroom / utility room and open kitchen in connection with the living room. The living room has access to three rooms, a bedroom and a large bathroom. All rooms are fitted with fitted wardrobes.
Underfloor heating is provided in the entrance, utility room and bathroom.

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  • Rent paid in advance: 9,100
  • Deposit: 27,300
  • Payment on account: Contact owner
  • Vacant: 1. February 2019
  • Placed: 7. December 2018
  • Pets allowed
  • Case number: 1247666
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